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Managed Services

What are Managed Services?


Traditional IT Support (a.k.a. "Break-Fix" IT Services) show up reactively when things break. Either they manually monitor your systems and find out that a component has failed, or you have to call them to report that something has failed in the first place resulting in prolonged downtime and an increased number of technical incidents.


With PCe's Managed Services we proactively, routinely and automatically support and maintain all your systems to prevent down-time before it occurs.  By using a mix of our industry proven software, solutions, processes, and cloud strategies accompanied by our 24x7 Monitoring System, our clients enjoy very little interruption to their productivity which translates to improved productivity and an improved bottom line.


How does this improve your bottom line? Imagine you were down for a week? Two Weeks? If you were to calculate your lost payroll dollars, lost sales, and lost opportunities alone, that down-time can be very expensive.


So what if you were able to greatly reduce or eliminate your constant IT problems or network interruptions? What would that do for your staff's productivity and Morale? Starting to make sense now?


For this reason, PCe Solutions is laser focused on doing everything possible to prevent downtime for our clients by using a myriad of proven strategies and solutions to prevent these problems before they occur.

Here's How Managed Services Work

  • Monthly All-inclusive Fixed-Fee for IT Consulting & Help Desk Services.


  • Proactive IT management and monitoring instead of reactive support


  •  24x7 Network & Server Monitoring with real-time reporting


  • Customizable service plans to ensure that managed services fit your business and deliver a stress-free program tailored specifically for your business


  • Fast support response times so that you are never kept waiting or wondering


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Managed Service Plans

Unlike many of our competitors that just have a single standard solution that they sell to all their clients, we understand that not all businesses are the same and as such you can't use the same solution for all businesses.


For this reason, we offer our clients Customized Managed Service Plans that meet the exact needs of their business. By offering this flexibility, you can rest assured that PCe Solutions will truly listen to the needs of your business first, before trying to sell you anything.


Additionally, we want our relationships with our clients to be a mutually beneficial one. If we can't help you succeed than we are not interested in taking your money. For that reason, if we see that our Managed Service offerings and customizations still may not be a right fit for your business, we'll be honest and will have no problem letting you know that we're not the right fit.


The foundation of our business is built on 'win-win' business relationships. if it's not a win-win for both parties we are not simply not interested and will happily refer you to one of the many service providers in the city (which there are plenty of).


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